11:11 Press

 11:11 Press is an American independent literary publisher based in Minneapolis, MN.  

Vincent James Perrone

Vincent James Perrone is a writer and musician from Detroit, Michigan. He is the former editor-in-chief of the Wayne Literary Review and is author of Starving Romantic.

A.S. Coomer

 A.S. Coomer is a writer and musician. Books include: Rush's Deal, The Fetishists, Shining the Light, Flirting with Disaster & Other Poems, The Devil's Gospel, and Memorabilia.  

Mike Corrao

Mike Corrao is the author of Man, Oh Man and Gut Text. His work has been featured in Entropy, Always Crashing, Collagist, and the Portland Review.

Wise Ink Creative Publishing

 Wise Ink Creative Publishing is a boutique indie publishing agency partnering with authors to publish with quality, impact, and most of all, strategy. We would like a vendor space so we can connect with local writers who want to learn more about the publishing process. Vice President Laura Zats, Editorial Project Manager Alyssa Bluhm, and Publishing Coordinator Victoria Petelin will be in attendance to talk books and all things publishing.  

Sabina Mugassa Bingman

Sabina Mugassa Bingman is the author of Sanda: The Girl with the Magical Smile.  

Claudia May

Claudia May Ph.D., is a storyteller, poet, educator, spiritual director, consultant, author, and specialist in African American, Caribbean, and Ethnic American literature, and a practical theologian. She is a Professor and Program Director of Reconciliation Studies, Bethel University, St. Paul, Minnesota. Claudia May is the author of the children's book, When I Fly With Papa. 

Lakeside Press, Inc.

Lakeside Press, Inc. is a Minnesota-based book printing and publishing company. 

Patricia Lubeck

Patricia Lubeck is a Minnesota author whose works include a collection of stories of early crimes in Redwood and Yellow Medicine Counties. 

Christine Bauer

Christine Bauer is the author of the memoir, Those Three Words: A birth mother's story of choice, chance & motherhood. 

Darby Nelson

Darby Nelson is a freelance writer and conservation activist. He received his Ph.D. in aquatic ecology at the University of Minnesota and taught college biology and environmental science for 35 years. He is the author of For Love of Lakes (2011) and For Love of a River: The Minnesota (2019)

Kelly Masters

Kelly Masters is the author of the murder mystery/romance novel Severed (2019).

Judy Wilson

Judy Wilson is a fiction writer whose  work has appeared in numerous literary journals including Skylark Literary Annual, Mississippi Review, Antietam Review, The Atlantic Monthly’s Atlantic Unbound, Reed Magazine, Oregon Literary Review, Carve Magazine, Front Porch Journal, Texas Review, South Dakota Review, and in her collection, Trespass and other stories. She has received a number of awards for her fiction including the Southern Literary Festival Award for Best Short Fiction, the Joan Johnson Writing Award, the Henfield Foundation’s Transatlantic Review Award, and the Truman Capote Fellowship. She is also the founder and editor of Yellow Medicine Review: A Journal of Indigenous Literature, Art & Thought. She lives and writes in Hendricks, Minnesota, sparing time to serve as the Director of Creative Writing at Southwest Minnesota State University.  

Yellow Medicine Review

Yellow Medicine Review is a biannual journal of Indigenous Literature, Art and Thought, publishing since 2007, and housed on the campus of Southwest Minnesota State University.  


Yerlith is an artist from Two Harbors, MN

Phyllis Joos

Phyllis Joos is a printmaker-artist creating accordion books.

Carly Frei/Fiction Reshaped

Fiction Reshaped - artist Carly Frei creates book art from old recycled books. Her work includes folded book art, book paper flowers, book page magnets, and literary prints on old dictionary pages. 

Sic Semper Serpent

Sic Semper Serpent publishes books and the online short fiction magazine & podcast "Everlasting Stories," focusing mostly on pulp-style stories. Sci-fi, fantasy, adventure, mystery, and more exciting genres from local MN authors. They'll have some books, shirts, and posters for sale, and lots of free bookmarks to go around.  They will also be doing live readings throughout the day.

Loyall Wilson

Loyall Wilson was born in Detroit MI and currently lives in Davenport FL. Mr. Wilson retired after 38 years in the investment business. He held roles as President of a broker/dealer, Executive Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer, and FINRA arbitrator. His memoir follows Loyall Wilson's career as the chief compliance officer of a large investment firm with the arduous task of detection, prevention and putting out financial fires. 

Ray Frigard

C. Ray Frigard is an inventor, designer, sculptor and author. Drawing on his diverse background and the latest research on creativity, he's written - FunThink:12 Tools for Creative Problem Solving, and - Arthink:Creativity Skills for 21st Century Careers; which is a hands-on methodology for teaching the creative process. Using this material he teaches child and adult creativity classes in the Minneapolis area. Drawing on time spent in NYC and his background in music and the arts he has launched the Opus Series of novels: The Girl in the Yellow Scarf, The Piano Man, and The Opus Cafe; that follows the turbulent career of musician/composer Michael Monroe in gritty 1980's New York.

Carver County Historical Society

The Carver County Historical Society will  have historical books relating to Carver County history and/or gift shop materials related to the Historic Andrew Peterson Farmstead. 

Forrest Peterson

Forrest Peterson will have his novels for sale: "Good Ice" (2007 hardcover) - Small town 1950s kids befriend homeless man, once a wartime hero. "Buffalo Ridge" (2012 paper) - Resilient amid woes of adults and meth, children teach about repentance and forgiveness. "Swineherd's Angel" (2019-Kindle pending) - Iowa farm boy, girl foreign student from Iran bond in livestock disease crisis. Website:  

Annette Laing

Annette Laing is author of The Snipesville Chronicles series, middle grades/young adult time-travel novels that Kirkus Reviews calls “clever and charming.” Annette will have her books available for sale and signing, and will also give a short, fun performance for kids on the history behind her books. Learn more about Annette, her books, and her work in schools: AnnetteLaing.com 

Gina Crusor-Price

As a pastor and a counselor, Dr. Gina Crusor-Price brings transparency and charisma in her interactions with people. Gina is also a retired advanced nurse practitioner and academic professor. With such diverse life backgrounds, her writing shares personal reflections of awkward, yet common scenarios. Her first book is titled And So The Lord Waits: A Journal of Prodigal Reflections.    

Strive Publishing

Strive Publishing's vision is to give all children the opportunity to see African American Culture from different perspectives, and to provide pathways for illuminating stories across cultures. 

Anna Ostenso Moore

Anna Ostenso Moore is a priest, speaker, and picture book author from Minneapolis, MN. Her first book is "Today is Baptism Day".

Once Read Secondhand Bookstore

Once Read Secondhand Bookstore, Mankato, MN, will be offering secondhand books for sale: classics, poetry, contemporary fiction, local authors and interests. 

Kaisa Taipale

Kaisa Taipale is the author of a mathematical coloring book. She is a mathematician who wants to share the beauty of math. The coloring book is suitable for older children, teens, and adults.

John Paul McGee

John Paul McGee is a Georgia pastor and author who writes in the inspirational/religious/self-help genres.